My Bullet Journal – Week 1

1 Journal

This is my Bullet Journal. It’s kind of hard to explain what a bullet journal is. It’s basically a self-made planner.

2 Empty Journal

I chose to use a dotted journal, as I saw most people on Pinterest did the same. It give guides for my own personalized pages. The bullet journal allows you to make the planner/journal that you need, exactly what you need, nothing more or less, and you can change it anytime you need to. It’s super easy and fun.

3 Journal

Here is a picture of the journal as it is today.

4 Index

This is the index page I made. I don’t use it usually, I just flip through it until I find what I need, my journal is still pretty small.

5 Legend

This is the legend that I use to denote the things I write in my daily pages, tasks, events, how important they are, etc. You can make it however you want or need. Mine is based off the ones I found on Pinterest.

6 Calendar

This is a great example of how you can change the journal as you need because I didn’t originally put this calendar page in, but I realized yesterday that I need a quick glance of the months when I’m making plans, so I drew this up in a few minutes and it looks great! The Long Term Savings page need work, obviously, but I haven’t figured out how I exactly want to draw it up.

7 Future Plans

I only have 2 future plans, I’m pretty cool like that. But I hope I fill this up with lots of things I want to do.

8 Alter Ideas

I do alters on Magic: The Gathering cards and I’ve been on haitus since the move so I’m starting to p[ut together ideas for cards to paint again. TOP SECRET 😀 I made this Wants and Needs page because I have trouble prioritizing my spending, as soon as we get paid, I buy whatever is on my mind. These lists let me see what I want/need and figure out how important it really is to buy.

9 Blog Ideas

A very short list so far! But The second thing there should be pretty fun to do, hopefully you agree!

10 Movies, Books, Shows

A list of things I want to read/see because I’m awful at remembering things. *Adds something that I keep forgetting*

11 Goals

My Goals list is slightly different than my Future Plans. These are concrete objectives I want to accomplish whereas the Future Plans are more vague things I want to do like “buy a house.” These goals might be like “Get my BAE” with a date in mind.

12 Places to Explore

This is a list for places in our area that I want to check out either as a date or on my own. I haven’t sat down yet and worked on it…obviously.

13 Creative Ideas

This page is pretty useless because I ended up adding pages for specific creative projects, but it’ll be useful if I ever have something that I have to write down quickly.

14 Notes

Similar to the previous page, this is for a quick note that I can flesh out more thoroughly later. I have a plan to make meal plans for us, but I haven’t dedicated pages to it in the journal yet. I’m actually excited about this project.

15 Weight Tracker

I’m working on slowly easing myself into losing weight, and this is my first step. I weigh myself once a week. It sucks.

16 Daily Schedule

My daily schedule is done with sticky notes because it’s something that can change any time. I also don’t really use it too much now that I have this journal because it encourages working off of lists instead of a time-based schedule which helps me a lot.

17 Weekly Task Tracker

These are the tasks I need to get done every week, so far I only have 4 things, not too crazy.

18 Important Dates

Important dates so far is just birthdays.

19 Daily Task Tracker

This is my daily task tracker. I have found that it holds me more accountable than the time-based schedule does, because with the time based one, if I don’t get something done at the appointed time, then I’m a failure. With the task tracker, I just have to get the stuff done, doesn’t matter when. ALSO, I don’t feel as bad when I don’t get things done because I can look at this and see that I have accomplished a lot of other things. I always accomplish more with positive reinforcement than negative, so this makes me feel god about when I’m getting done instead of feeling awful about what I haven’t.

20 October

My month view of October.

21 October Days

My daily view of October days. I also track my eating habits, which SUPPOSEDLY helps people eat better, so we will see how that goes. You can see my utilization of my legend markings.

22 November

23 December

My November and December overviews.

I love this journal, I think it’s perfect for me, It helps me so much and it’s really fun to keep up with. I’ve been more productive this week than I have in months, just because I started using this thing. It’s fun to make pretty and update and it’s cute, so I’m more likely to use it. This is the best idea I’ve had in a long time! I’ll post an update in a month to show the progress. Let me know if you have any suggestions and feel free to check out the inspiration I got from my Planner board on Pinterest: My Planner Board


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