May Prompts!!!

In my tradition of biting off more than I can chew, I decided to add a ton of prompts to my Bullet Journal for May! I think it will be a good way to encourage myself to write more and document my life. I think documenting your life is such a good idea because your children or other family would really love to have these artifacts of your life.

So the prompts I will be doing this month are the following:

Decade Thirty’s Self-Care Prompts
Decade Thirty’s Daily Prompt Cycle
Decade Thirty’s Lists Prompts
The Plan With Me Challenge
BorderlineBrilliance for Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness

AND!!! Because I don’t have enough going on (lol) I applied to go back to college for a semester. I’m taking it a semester at a time, part-time only. I don’t want to burn myself out and I don’t want to plan farther because if something comes up, I don’t want to feel like I loser if I have to take a break again.

So May should be interesting as I prepare more for the wedding, college, my big project, and all these prompts! Should be exciting!